Tact is steadily evolving. There is still a lot of work to do.

I’m Jaanus, the technical cofounder of Tact. I’m looking for Apple platforms engineers to help me build.

(I published this post a while ago, but it doesn’t age. I may not have any immediate openings, but I’m always willing to hear from engineers who would consider coming along for the journey.)

What you will do

Architect, document, and build Tact on all client platforms (iOS, macOS, possibly more).

On a given day, this may mean any of these things, and many more not listed here:

  • Planning and documenting additions to the data model
  • Having a call with our private beta users to see how Tact works for them
  • Improving our Xcode project setup and build engineering
  • Investigating and improving CloudKit sync efficiency
  • Debugging crashes
  • Investigating and improving client performance and efficiency (CPU, thermal, memory, UI responsiveness)
  • Implementing UI from Figma mockups and assets
  • Discussing, designing, and implementing major new features
  • Creating small test projects to investigate some obscure SwiftUI, CloudKit, Core Data, AppKit or UIKit quirk or behavior. Filing Apple Feedbacks and following up on them.
  • Pair-programming and peer-reviewing architecture and code
  • Being a role model and ambassador of Tact to me and other peers to advance the project vision

Long list, but have no fear. Nobody does everything all the time.

What you should have

You should bring three things.

You believe and imagine. You’ve gone through our material and believe we are doing the right thing. Our material set the gears rolling in your head with ideas about where Tact should evolve.

You say and write. You can express yourself clearly and kindly in all media. I place great value in technical and non-technical discussion. We have strong opinions and argue, but we don’t fight. We work without fear, with kindness and love.

You make. You have considerable technical experience across a broad spectrum of Apple platforms and technologies. Our main tools today are CloudKit, Core Data, and SwiftUI, with some UIKit, AppKit and more on the side. You may currently be or previously have been a manager, but you consider yourself a maker.

Work arrangement

Tact is fully remote. We are currently in Tallinn, Berlin and other locations in EU, so it helps to be close to these timezones.

We always start with a part-time paid contract. If we like working together from both sides, we’ll discuss how to deepen the relationship.

We have families and kids. We know how to arrange our life and work so they always come first.

How to join

Send an e-mail to join@justtact.com.

As discussed above, I place value in writing, and will consider both the form and substance of your e-mail in light of all the above points. It’s fine to have a CV or LinkedIn, but I’m also interested in your story that you can’t express in CV form.

For demonstration of technical experience, it’s great to have a blog, open source on GitHub or such. I realize you may also have worked on proprietary projects that you can’t publish. That’s fine; just say so in the email and we’ll discuss those during the call.

I will review your email and the materials it contains/refers to. Me and other team members then have some calls with you. And then you join Tact on mutually agreed terms, initially with a limited engagement. We see where we go from there.

On diversity

Tact is currently a bunch of white men. I am fully aware of that and would like to be a more diverse team. I encourage women and other underrepresented groups in technology to apply.

Priidu and me are 40+. We consider that an asset. We don’t discriminate on age in either direction.

We think it’s an asset that we’re not from/in Silicon Valley. We’ve lived and worked there, we love the place. We just think there’s more to the (technology) world and are happy to call Europe our home.